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WELLSEE experts furtheranalyzed

blue-light / 2015-10-30
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     With the global energy crisis and environmental deterioration, solar energy ,owning the advantages of no pollution, no noise, simply removable & mobile, no destroy tocity environment and no geographical restrictionswill replace the traditional non-renewable energy, and become inexhaustible low-cost environmentally clean energyin human society. Solar power will enter into the everyday life of ordinary people, to save electricity and energy, and protect the environment for the benefit of mankind.

      Principle Analysis of Solar Controller. Solar controller is divided into square arraytype (serial, parallel), and DC-DC conversion type (with MPPT and without the MPPT). The principle of cast array type is that, solar controller detects the battery voltage, and withdraw the phalanx when it reaches the set value: Parallel square parallelswithdrawal dummy to the fake load inside the solar controller; tandem directly opens the square. DC-DC conversion type: curing some parameters within the solar controller (usually a charging voltage is set to 55.2V), giving the voltage output by the array afixed set point through matrix converter to charge the battery. Besides the above function of the converter with MPPT, it has been working on the maximum operating point of the solar cell through the maximum power point of interior MPPT moduletracking phalanxThe basic principle is described above. For Specific please look at the detailed description.

       Price subsidy policies have advantages and disadvantages. According to the current subsidy tariff regulations in Notice on improving PV price policy" (draft) of National Development and Reform Commission, for the construction of 50% percent distributed power stations and 50% of the ground station, the average subsidy per unit of electricity is 0.45 yuan, and the average annual per MW power plant Generation (4 areas) is 1,100,000 degree, we can calculate that annual subsidy for 1GW is about 500 million yuan. If the first year plan is to build 10GW, there will be about 5 billion yuan subsidy funds.

        "Although the first-year subsidy is seemingly small amount of money, but the cumulative annual increase in funding is a big number. With yearly increase in subsidies, renewable energy development fund could possibly not make ends meet." WELLSEE experts say.

        The file doesnt yet clearly stated the year limit of national price subsidies. For example, the year limit of EU subsidies for PV is 20--25 years, to calculate the total price subsidy in 20 years , it will reach 1.05 trillion yuan, with an average subsidy of 500 billion a year. Although the country can resolve the problem by increasing renewable energy fund, if the extraction costs are excessive, it will make the price rise too fast.

         Recently, the four grid operators in Germany increases "green power-sharing fee" by 47% in one time, leading to soaring electricity prices , and it has provoked considerable controversy.

        "And if the PV price subsidies policy doesnt include time subsidies , for the investors, it is difficult to calculate the rate of return and payback period of investment,which is also not appropriate. So, in spite of the central enterprises and power companies which are willing to invest into solar energy power generation projects in order to solve some of the quotas problem of construction of thermal power plantsthe policy may not have much appeal to general enterprises, especially to middle and small enterprises. "WELLSEE experts say.

        On the other hand, according to the feed-in tariffs, PV power plants generate electricity can make profits only after completion of PV power stationand call backinvestment month by month, year by year. To build 1MW PV plant floor or roofrequires to put 6.5 million investment.Then, for the construction of a 30MW power plant scale, you need to invest 200 million yuan, it is very difficult to raise the funds by the company alone. At present, most banks have tightened photo-voltaic load, its verydifficult for enterprises to finance construction projects.

         Golden Sun demonstration project and electricity subsidies policy both haveadvantages and disadvantages, without a rigid uniformity. The WELLSEE expertsuggested that the for the Golden Sun demonstration projects, especially building integrated photo-voltaic demonstration project, there should be a delay of three years.During this time, you can take electricity subsidies and Golden Sun "dual track". By the means of making the photo-voltaic subsidy policy more in line with national conditions through practice, we can further explore the experience.

          WELLSEE experts furtheranalyzed.

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