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How to Prevent the occurrence of Vigilance?

Cindy / 2017-02-23
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Good sleep is a main symbol of physical and mental health. Vigilance is the most common barrier of sleeping. It refers to the insufficient sleep caused by various reasons. The symptoms include falling asleep hard, waking up early, mental fatigue, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, palpitation, short breath, distracted memory, dropped working efficiency and so on.
The patients generally get a extended incubation period of falling asleep and a shortened sleeping time as well as more physiological awaking times in the course of falling asleep. Main symptoms: falling asleep hard, awaking easily during the sleep, falling asleep again hard then; early awaking in the early morning for the patients whose vigilance is not serious; falling asleep hard all night, often with headaches and dizziness, tiredness in both the body and mind, palpitation, forgetfulness, the restless mind, too many dreams and so on for the serious patients, and the patients often feel anxious and fearful of vigilance.
(1) A regular arrangement of the time for sleeping and getting up can achieve the sedative effect; therefore, the insomniac should sleep in the fixed time and get up in the fixed time as far as possible. Even at weekends or in holidays, you should also keep it. Keep a regular sleeping time and try best to go to sleep in the same time every night. 
(2) You should not put an alarm clock in the bedroom, because the ticks of an alarm clock and the dazzling brightness which the indicators send out can make a person insomniac even he does not suffer from the vigilance. You should choose the mattresses that suit themselves and maintain a suitable bedroom temperature, which is also very important.
(3) Do not always worry about your problems and the anxieties, or worry about vigilance in the bed. Get up and set out to read, to listen to the light music or to brew a cup of warm milk for drinking when you cannot fall asleep, go back to the bed for sleeping then. 
(4) Do not take a nap during the day. Taking a nap is possibly an enjoyment to some people, but it is not permitted to the insomniac, if anyone who takes a nap during the daytime, then he may not complain that he could not fall asleep all night.
(5) Do not drink coffee, tea or any drinks that contain the ethanol in the evening. Do not smoke either, because all these things are exciting.
(7) You should obey the doctor's advice on taking sleeping pills. In some situations, the sleeping pills may help the patients to fall asleep temporarily, but taking the sleeping pills for a long time can possibly lead to become addicted.
(8) Sports and frequent activities are helpful to sleeping. However, the insomniac should notice that it is not recommended to do strenuous exercises two hours before going to bed. Some light exercises that are done at fixed time in the afternoon or evening are possibly helpful to the sleep.
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