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Important Functions of the Channels and Collaterals

Shirely / 2017-02-23
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Important Functions of the Channels and Collaterals to Human Physiological Activities

1.Contact the internal organs, communicate the inside and outside: Because the system of channels and collaterals contact and communicate to realize it, the five internal organs, six internal viscera, all the limbs and bones, the five senses, the nine orifices, the body physique and so on tissue and organs of human body can maintain the relative balance and unification and complete normal physiological activities. 
2. The channels and collaterals system spreads across, inside and outside to communicate up and down in the human body. They communicate between human internal organs and other internal organs, viscera and other viscera, viscera with the body and the five senses, which make the human body become an organic whole.
3. Move the vitality, nourish the whole body: The basic material of human body vital activities is Qi and blood, whose function is to nourish the internal organs and other tissue and organs of the whole body to make the human body complete the normal physiological functions. The channels and collaterals are the channels of the circulation of the human body vitality, which transport the vitality and the nutrients to the whole body through the channels and collaterals system, thus complete the physiological function of the harmony in the five internal organs and nutrients in the six viscera.
4. Resist the external pathogen, defend the organism: The function of the channels and collaterals system is “circulate the Qi and blood and nourish Yin and Yang”, the nutrients circulate in the channels, but keep the pathogen out of the channels, which cause the nourishing Qi cover the whole body. The external pathogen encroaches upon the human body often from the skin to the inside, which starts first from the epidermis. The Defensive Qi is a kind of protective material that can resist the invasion of the external pathogen. It enriches in the channels and collaterals, and the channels and collaterals spread over the whole body and densely cover the skin. When the external pathogen invades the organism, the Defensive Qi bears the brunt to functions in resisting the external pathogen and protecting the body as a protective screen.
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