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User Manual of BL-EX Electro Acupuncture

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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1 Power Switch

2 Pilot Lamp of Time

3 Time Setting Button

4 Start/Pause Button

5 Intensity Knob

6 Pilot Lamp of Intensity

7 Signal-Output Plug

8 Jacks of Electromagnetism Contactor

9 Electromagnetism Contactor

10 Signal-Output Plug

11 Jack of Electrode Slice

12 Electrode Slice


Instruction of BL-EX Electro Acupuncture 

1. Preparations

(1) Wrap the two Electromagnetism Contactors (⑨) with 3-tiered gazes and bind each of them with a piece of elastic. Or insert the Signal-Output Plug (⑩) into the Jack of Electrode Slice (11) and then uncover the patch membrane.

(2) Put the two Electromagnetism Contactors wrapped with gauzes into the pure water to make them wet.

(3) Insert the Signal-Output Plug (⑦) of Electromagnetism Contactors into the two Signal-Output Jacks (⑧) in the right side of apparatus.

(4) Insert the plug of power into the alternating current socket.

(5) While treating one patient in multiacupoint or for two people simultaneously, please use the Electromagnetism Contactor and Electrode Slice at the same time.

2. Operation Process

(1) Turn the Power Switch (①) on “—”, the Pilot Lamps of Time (②) will turn light.

(2) Press the Time Setting Button (③) to set the time of treatment.

(3) Referring to the illustration, find the corresponded acupoints for your disease. Then put the two Electromagnetism Contactors (⑨) on the acupoints. Press Start/Pause button (④), the Pilot Lamps of Time begin to flash and count down times. You can also put the contactors on the aching points to treat the diseases. If you wan to use Electrode Slice, remove the patch cover first. (Caution: Do not touch water), clean the skin, put it directly on corresponded acupoints, then insert the Plugs of Signal-Output (⑩) into the Jack of Electrode Slice (11).

(4) Slowly adjust the Intensity Knob (⑤) on veer and the Pilot Lamp of Intensity (⑥) would turn light more and more.

(5) According to the status of disease and endurance of user, set the time and the intensity of current. The best intensity is to make user feel comfortable tingle.

(6) When treatment finished, adjust the intensity to minimum (green pilot lamps turn off), and cut off the power.


3. Attentions

(1) Patients got serious heart disease with heart feeble, hepatic cirrhosis; dementia or mental disorder should be forbidden to use the apparatus or use it under doctor’s supervision.

(2) It is normal that parts of muscle will throb or vibrate while using Electrode Slice to stimulate acupoints.

(3) After using magnetic therapy to treat, especially on the head or neck, few people might feel dizziness, vomiting, heart-beat quick, panting for breath, etc. If the symptom is slight, disregard it and continue the treatment. If the situation is serious, stop the magnetic therapy immediately, these phenomena will disappear and no sequelae will be left.

(4) The better curative effect will be reached under the usage guide of doctor.

(5) The Electrode Slice and Electromagnetism Contactor used by people got skin disease or epidemic disease could not be shared with other person.

(6) Do not reair the internal components by yourself, please send the apparatus t o the specialist of specialty sop for maintenance.

(7) Use Electrode Slice carefully in summer. Keep the Slice away from water and always avoid touching dirty. Cleaning patients’ skin before the treatment. Cover the Slices after its usage. Do NOT use it when sweating much. Try to use the Electromagnetism Contactor if condition allowed, it could give you better curative effect.

(8) Do not touch the two contactors together when the apparatus on. It may spoil the apparatus.

(9) People got therioma, wearing heart pacemaker or metal accessories are forbidden to use this apparatus. The part of body under treatment must not touch any metal. DO NOT USE the apparatus in thunderstorm days. Patients with serious heart disease should use the apparatus as per doctor’s advice or first treat Nei-Guan Acupoint and Xi-Men Acupoint about 30 seconds; he should not go forward for other diseases until the first step done. Pregnant person or person apt to bleed should use the apparatus under the guide of doctor. People wrenched or bruised seriously shall apply this apparatus 24 hours later.

(10) Stop immediately if body encountered abnormal symptom at the time of treatment, and consult doctors.

(11) After the treatment, old the plug head to remove it from its connections. Do not draw the cable of plug.

(12) Protect the contactors from falling down to ground or touching the over-heat things. Otherwise, the magnetic effect of contactor might be faded.

(13) Cut off the power while apparatus idle, do not place the apparatus in a moisten environment and avoid rain.

(14) Do not place the Electromagnetism Contactor near the TV, radio, magnetic card or watch. Otherwise the above mentioned items might be damaged.

(15) People got drunk, hungry, full food, overtired shall cautiously use the apparatus.

(16) The intensity should not be set too much while treating the position of belly or the head.

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