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Bluelight Therapeutic Apparatus innovate 3 "first" in China

blue-light / 2011-02-21
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 Five unique features

1.Extensiveness: All of the chronic diseases and other queer cases as well as non-emergent diseases that can be treated by traditional Chinese medicine can also be cured by the apparatus. It is applicable to all people.

2.Rapidness: The apparatus cures diseases without injection, medicine and drug, which can cure acute diseases quickly and chronic diseases only for several courses of treatment. ( A course of treatment takes a week.)

3.Convenience: All needed to do is attaching the electrode slice onto the pained parts or related acupoints, which is hurting. It is pretty handy with the small volume

4.Economy: It only takes 3-5 minutes for a treatment and 2-3 times for a day, which only takes a few pennies for each treatment. The whole family can enjoy it for a decade with a member buying just one time.

5.Safety: There is not any trauma, pain, side effect, cross infection when being treated by the apparatus; nor drug dependence and expensive cost.


Three “First” in China

1.It is the first medical apparatus which can dredge the main and collateral channels of human body and arouse the potential energy.

2.It is the first high-tech medical apparatus which collects many functions such as diagnosis, treatment and radio.

3.It is the fist medical apparatus with actual curative effect which only takes 2 minutes on each group of acupoints everyday.


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