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Why Do You Choose Bluelight Eletro Acupuncture?

Amy / 2011-02-21
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 Comprehensive reasons:

  • 1. Social Factor: As the Chinese public health service system reforms, a view of “Can’t afford to be sick” in the citizens becomes prevalent. They aren’t willing to go to hospital unless the disease is serious. Besides, it is universal that many rural areas lack medicine, and everyone prefers to spend less for treatment. Paying for health is fashionable to the rich who never stint money for the things beneficial for their health nowadays. Thus, there is no family which refuses to own a domestic high-tech therapeutic apparatus that can be used for treating and health-caring at home.
  • 2. Function Factor: Bluelight Eletro Acupuncture can by no means treat all diseases, but it can really get an instant curative effect on some common diseases and other weird ones. There’s no need to take injection or medicine or to worry about any side effect, and to spend much time and money on treating and health-caring, all of which precisely meet the needs of modern families.
  • 3. Operation Factor: The apparatus can be simply operated. Referring to the directions and the manual Operation Guide to Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus, everyone can use it for self-treatment or for others, even with little knowledge of the medicine. There is no need to worry about any accident or pain.
  • 4. Price Factor: Buying one of BL serial products only costs several hundreds of RMB, which is fairly oecumenical for the salariat and common families. What’s more, the apparatus is quite different from some other one-time-used consumables such as oral liquid or tonic wine which stay in the strange circle of “a sense of curative effect”. And it is really not the same with the medicinal plaster or drug as well, because it does not need long-term dependent treatment with high cost. Buying just one time, benefiting for a lifetime, and which is available for the whole family. The curative effect is obvious and immediate.
  • 5. Quality Factor: Bluelight Eight-Diagram Therapeutic Apparatus has been insured by the China Republic Insurance Company for both quality and prestige. For the unqualified products, the company can make sure to the consumers that there is no need to worry because we guarantee exchange and life-long maintenance.
  • 6. Service Factor: The Company offers free treatment before selling, following service while selling and life-long maintenance after selling as the whole enthusiastic service provided for the customers.   




Bluelight Apparatus





10 fens everyday on average

Several yuan everyday on average

Several thousand or even scores of thousands yuan a time

Over a hundred yuan a time

Side Effect



Easy to have sequels of a trauma to the human body



Convenient at home

Relatively convenient but some stink

Necessary to be in hospital

Inconvenient to be in hospital

Applied Scope





Time necessary to effect

Several minutes

Several hours or even days

Several days generally

Over several hours

Effect of prevention


Only be sick to take pills generally



Curative effect

Obvious and complete

Easy to be drug-fast


Easy to be drug-fast



Bluelight Therapeutic Apparatus Compared with Some Other Medial Apparatus or Methods

Bluelight Apparatus


Hot Plaster

Magnetic Therapy



Eight functions all in a body

Only acupuncture and moxibustion



Only on muscles and acupoints



Not very safe

Easy to be hurt by heat



Curative effect


Not easy to find acupoints

Necessary to use with medicine

Not precise

Only effect on relieving fatigue


Very convenient on each part

Too hard in technology

inconvenient with a need of bandages




About 500~1000 RMB, Buying just one time, benefiting for a lifetime

Several hundreds to thousands RMB a time with a need of long-term investment

Several hundreds to thousands RMB with a big sum of latent expenditure

Several hundreds to thousands RMB

Several hundreds RMB



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